There are four games for each unit so as you progress through the course you can have some fun practising the new grammar or vocabulary you’ve learned. You can try out some of the games from levels 1 and 2 right now.

LEVEL 1 Games

Game 1: Ant Escape

  • level01 Ant Escape
  • Vocabulary - Everyday things: If you know all the words you can rescue the ants.
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Game 2: Astro Antics

  • level01_astro-antics
  • Grammar - Present simple questions: you'll need to ask the right questions here.
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Game 3: Buzzing Bees

  • level01_buzzing_bees
  • Vocabulary - Me and my family: try to sort male and female in this fun game.
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Game 4: Robot Ravine

  • level01_robot_ravine
  • Grammar - Present simple: try to get all the robots to the other side.
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LEVEL 2 Games

Game 1: Astro Antics II

  • level02_astro-antics
  • Grammar - Present simple and continuous: positive and negative.
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Game 2: Buzzing Bees II

Game 3: Jungle Breakout

  • Level 2 Jungle Breakout
  • Grammar - Past simple: regular and irregular verbs.
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Game 4: Dune Buggy Dash