There are exercises and games to accompany each unit of the course. These target the grammar, vocabulary and skills covered in the books so you can use them to reinforce what you have covered in class or for extra practice in areas where you think you need it.

LEVEL 1 Activities

Unit 1, vocab. - Me and my family

  • Level1-ex01_vocab
  • See how well you know how to refer to your family in English.
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Unit 1, skills - Writing/Listening

  • Level1-ex02_skills
  • Listen to Henrik speaking about his host family and test how much you understand.
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Unit 1, grammar - Present Simple

  • Level1-ex03_grammar
  • Listen to Nadira talking about her sisters and check your knowledge of the present simple in English.
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LEVEL 2 Activities

Unit 1, skills - Listening

  • Level2-ex01_skills
  • A listening exercise to test your understanding of spoken English.
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Unit 1, vocab. - Parts of the body

  • Level2-ex02_vocab
  • A crossword to test how well you know the parts of the body.
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Unit 1, grammar - Present tenses

  • Level2-ex03_grammar
  • An exercise to test how well you know the difference between the present simple and the present continuous.
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